Whether your child is a newborn, toddler or teen or anything in between, Mumento offers multiple medical wristband options that are sure to suit their preferences and yours.  Your child is sure to be protected and proud in their customised medical identification wristband! Made of super soft cotton fabric and machine washable.


Step 1: Choose from our large Fabric selection, make note of number, enter in information box.

Step 2: Select size (see our Wristband Size Guide for general sizing advice) enter in information box

Step 3: Choose Medical Allergy Bold Header Alert and make note of it to enter in information box

Step 4: Select quantity

Step 5: Choose Medical Alert Symbol

Step 6: Choose Closure Option

Step 7: Add Header, Allergy/Medical details, extra information in information box

(Please see photos above for Header Ideas)


Austism Wristband, Medical Wristband, Epilepsy Wristband.

Epilepsy and/or Autism Wristbands

  • Care & Safety Instructions

    * Please use a permanent marker on the back for any names & emergency contact details. Recommend a fine point Sharpie marker

    * Please check your emergency contact details for fading and re-apply if/when required

    * Cold gentle machine wash in a Laundry bag with band undone

    * Do not tumble dry

    * Dry Iron only

    * Check band regularly for wear and tear and replace as required

    * Caution should also be exercised with any young children wearing removable clothing when unattended