The ultimate school or daycare pack.  All personalised to your medical and allergies.



1 Wristband

1 Shoe Tag

1 Key Fob/Bag tag


Step 1: Choose from our large Fabric selection, make note of number, enter in information box.

Step 2: Select size (see our Wristband Size Guide for general sizing advice) enter in information box

Step 3: Choose Medical Alert Symbol

Step 4: Choose Closure Option

Step 5: Add Header, Allergy/Medical details, extra information in information box

Please ensure you mark Wristband information: ......  and Bag Tag information: .....

Step 6: Shoe Tag - Add Header, Allergy/Medical details and I.C.E. (incase of emergency) phone number.


Products will be designed for best impact and may not appear exactly as per photos depending on the information provided.

Large Bundle 2 (10% Saving)


    Because you can never be too careful. 

    Medical Alerts and Allergy Alerts are important to keep safe and will help during emergencies.

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